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A motor vehicle accident can cause personal injuries and damages, but if you are involved in one as a pedestrian, your injuries might be particularly serious and significant, sometimes causing life changing circumstances. You need an experienced Dallas pedestrian accident lawyer from The Francis Firm to assist you with recuperating.

If you’ve been harmed in an accident as a pedestrian, you shouldn't attempt to explore the personal injury claim process on your own. Pedestrian accident cases can be mind boggling, long, and frequently exorbitant to fight.

Dallas Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

What Kinds of Pedestrian Accidents Sometimes Occur Around Dallas?

According to the Texas Department of Transportation: “Pedestrian deaths are continuing to rise in Texas and now account for nearly one in five of all traffic fatalities. In 2020, there were 4,852 crashes involving pedestrians in our state, resulting in 1,211 serious injuries and 731 deaths, a nine percent increase in pedestrian fatalities over the previous year.. 

The Texas DOT reports that pedestrians “are among the most vulnerable road users because they aren’t equipped with protective equipment such as airbags, seat belts, and bumpers.” According to the Department, the top factors contributing to traffic crashes in Texas involving pedestrians are:

  • Pedestrians failing to yield the right-of-way to vehicles
  • Driver inattention
  • Drivers failing to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians
  • Speeding

Additionally, distracted or drowsy driving, along with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol contribute to thousands of pedestrian and bicycle accidents each year. Share the Road Texas reports that from 2007 to 2012, there have been 12,789 crashes in Texas involving bicycles, resulting in 12,132 injuries and 297 fatalities.

What Injuries Can Commonly Occur in Pedestrian Accidents?

As one would think, the injuries that result from bicycle accidents can be very serious. The following are just some examples:

  • Concussions, head and skull injuries, and brain trauma
  • Back, neck, and spinal cord injuries, in some cases including paralysis and immobility
  • Injuries or damage to internal organs
  • Breaks, Fractures, abrasions, and bruising
  • Various soft tissue injuries

There are several types of damages for which you might be able to recover if you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident. First, there are your out-of-pocket costs, also known as economic damages. These include your medical and hospital bills, doctor’s visits, prescription drug costs, rehabilitation expenses, and the costs of medical testing, imaging, and treatments. They also include any damage to yourself or other personal property. Moreover, you can recover lost income or wages if you are unable to go to work as a result of your accident

You may also recover general, or non-economic damages. These tend to be harder to quantify and can take more effort to prove, with the insurance company or jury valuing them based on various factors. These types of damages include pain and suffering, mental anguish and psychological trauma, and scarring. They also include potential recovery for any future wages you may lose as a result of being unable to work your current job in the future. They can also include the general decline in the quality of your life, including the loss of enjoyment of hobbies that you are not able to do any longer.

How Do You Know if You Could Benefit from a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

They require you to prove liability, which means proving that the other party was at fault and directly caused your injuries while you were walking or riding. They also require you to prove your damages, so that you can work towards a fair and reasonable amount in your settlement offer.

An experienced Dallas pedestrian accident lawyer can be invaluable in your claim. They can accurately value your damages, investigate the facts of your case, and preserve important evidence that will prove your claim. They will negotiate with the insurance company or the other party, striving to get you fair and reasonable compensation. Insurance companies work to maximize profits and minimize payouts — their aim is to offer the smallest amount possible to settle your case. A good attorney will negotiate with the insurer, standing up to them in order to hold parties responsible for their reckless or negligent behavior. If those negotiations do not lead to a settlement, they will fight for your right to compensation in a court of law, putting together a solid claim on your behalf, based on the evidence at hand.

Being injured in a pedestrian accident leads to serious injuries, significant financial costs, and often, changes to the quality of your life. Don’t try to go it alone: to protect your legal rights, discuss your options and potential next steps with an skilled pedestrian accident lawyer in Dallas, Texas.

Can the Francis Firm Help With Your Pedestrian Accident Claim?

We will hold a no fee, in-depth review of your case and fully investigate your pedestrian accident in Texas, obtaining all evidence we need to build a winning legal claim. We will also help you get the right medical care you may need, answer your questions, and help you understand your rights and options.

At the Francis Firm, every personal injury lawyer is an experienced, strong advocate for injured victims. If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, you need a lawyer who will fight for your legal rights and protect your financial interests. Please reach out to us today for no fee, no obligation initial legal consultation online or by calling 817-587-2212. With our office in Southlake, we serve communities throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Tarrant County, Dallas County, and other counties in Texas.