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If you’ve been involved in an accident, Francis Law, a car accident lawyer in Grapevine can help you not only recover from your injuries but also piece your life back together after a serious crash. If you cannot work due to your injuries, you may also incur lost wages or income, for which a Grapevine car accident lawyer might be able to recover in your car accident claim.

You may have suffered significant damages as a result of your accident. These can include special damages, which are your out-of-pocket costs, such as medical and hospital bills, as well as the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle.

Grapevine Car Accident Lawyer

What are common reasons for car accidents in Grapevine, Texas?

Car accidents happen for many different reasons. Most of the time, they are due to a party’s negligent or reckless driving

This can result from failing to yield, not stopping at a red light, making improper turns, and driving the wrong way, all of which can cause an accident. Other examples of reckless or negligent driving can include changing lanes too quickly, following too closely, or driving aggressively, leading to serious personal injuries to others in a car accident.

Distracted, drowsy, or impaired driving can also lead to serious car accidents. Distracted driving is on the rise, and unfortunately, it can cause even the most careful drivers to take their eyes off the road, causing an accident. Distractions can include the use of phones or other electronics, eating or drinking while driving, being occupied with other passengers, or even listening to loud music. Drowsy or fatigued driving can also be a major cause of a car accident, as can drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Accidents can be caused by poor road conditions, weather, or visibility as well. And of course, speeding is a leading cause of car accidents in the Grapevine, Texas area. According to the Insurance Information Institute: “Speeding is at the top of the list of related factors for drivers involved in fatal crashes. In 2019, 8,746 drivers who were involved in fatal crashes — or 17 percent — were speeding.”

What Are Some Examples of Injuries and Damages You Might Suffer During a Car Accident?

Personal injuries during a car accident in Grapevine or surrounding areas can run the gamut—they can be minor, serious, or very severe.

Car accidents can cause head injuries, concussions, and traumatic brain injuries. They can result in back, neck, or spinal injuries, potentially including paralysis. They can cause internal injuries, fractures, broken bones, abrasions, cuts, and a whole host of soft tissue injuries such as whiplash. In the most serious cases, car accidents can also result in a loved one’s untimely death, which may give rise to a wrongful death action.

You may be able to recover for your general damages, such as your pain and suffering, the loss of enjoyment of activities, your mental anguish, and your overall decline in the quality of your life. If you are no longer able to work in your current position as a result of the accident, you may be able to recover your lost future wages as well. In some cases, it may be possible for your spouse to recover from the loss of consortium or companionship that has affected your relationship as a result of the accident. 

Why Might Someone Need a Grapevine Car Accident Lawyer?

Car accident claims can be complicated. Generally, they involve a claim for negligence, where you will need to prove liability, meaning that the other party was directly responsible for causing your injuries.

Additionally, you will have to prove the extent of your damages. Negligence law is complex, and you’ll need a lawyer who is knowledgeable about its nuances and can help you establish liability, as well as help you assess and ascertain your damages properly.

Cases involving car accidents are often further complicated by the presence of multiple parties. You will need to bring a claim against not only the party responsible but also their insurance company. Inherently, this creates a power imbalance: large insurers have significant legal and financial resources available, while most car accident victims do not. By hiring a car accident lawyer who is knowledgeable about the law and a skilled negotiator, you increase your chances of obtaining a fair and reasonable settlement.

A Grapevine car accident lawyer will help investigate the facts of your accident, interview witnesses, and preserve important evidence in your case. We will handle all negotiations with the other party and their insurance company, working on your behalf to obtain a settlement agreement. Your lawyer will also prepare a strong case and advocate on your behalf in court if needed. Hiring a lawyer who is experienced in the procedures it takes to obtain a fair settlement or verdict in a car accident case is essential.

How Can The Francis Firm Help Clients Get the Compensation They Deserve?

Motor vehicle accidents can happen at any time, and in any community, and some accidents can leave you without the ability to continue working in your current job.

Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable Grapevine car accident lawyer can make all the difference: we will not only help you build a stronger case based on the evidence and get the medical care you need, but also advocate on your behalf during settlement negotiations and in court if needed.  

No matter the nature or severity of your injuries, our attorneys will fight to protect your legal rights. Our goal is not only to help you obtain the maximum compensation but also to help you piece your life together after being sidelined by a car accident.

At the Francis Firm, our Grapevine, Texas car accident lawyers have decades of experience. If you were hurt in an accident or injury that left you unable to work, it is imperative that you do not wait to take action. Please reach out to us today for a free, no-obligation initial legal consultation online or by calling 817-396-7954. 

Francis Firm truck accident lawyers serving Grapevine, Texas will discuss your rights, options, and possible legal strategies with you.

Your lawyer can meet with you in Grapevine to go over the details of your claim, investigate the facts, and interview potential witnesses. Your lawyer will work with you to ensure you are receiving the medical care you need throughout your recovery, and your attorney will negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement offer with the other parties and their insurance companies.

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