Premises Liability / Slip and Fall Accidents

A property owner’s improper maintenance, failure to make repairs, cutting corners with safety, and other misconduct can cause serious injuries. A dangerous breed of dog with an owner that fails to keep it safely fenced or on a leash can also cause injuries. You may be entitled to compensation if you’re hurt because of property owner negligence, but these cases can be complicated.

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What is a Premises Liability Claim?

Premises liability pertains to legal circumstances and duties wherein a Texas landowner may be liable and responsible for injuries that occur to others while on his property.

The landlord’s legal duty often depends upon the status of the injured party.

  • Invitees: A person who enters the land with the owner’s knowledge and for the mutual benefit of both parties is an invitee.  Landowners owe the greatest duty to an invitee.  A landowner must warn or make safe any condition posing an unreasonable risk of which the landowner has actual or constructive knowledge. A mailman, employee or store patron are examples of invitees.
  • Licensees: A person who enters the land with permission for his or her own benefit is a licensee.  Landowners must warn or make safe any condition posing an unreasonable risk of harm that is actually known to the landowner and is not similarly known by the plaintiff. A member or guest of the household or a door-to-door salesman are examples of licensees.
  • Trespassers: A person who enters the property of another without permission or legal right to do so is legally defined as a trespasser.  The landowner owes the lowest duty of care to a trespasser.  A landowner’s only obligation to a trespasser is not to intentionally injure the trespasser or to injure the trespasser by gross negligence.  Gross negligence involves an act or omission involving an extreme degree of risk, of which the defendant had actual awareness, but proceeded in conscious indifference to the rights, safety, and welfare of others.  

Are there any time limitations in these cases?

Yes, there is a two-year statute of limitations in Texas that generally applies to all personal injury claims. Typically, you must file a lawsuit in civil court within this period, or you’re forever barred from recovering compensation for your losses. The clock starts ticking on the date of your injury.

What are Examples of a Premises Liability Injury?

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There are many ways a property owner can breach the legal duty to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition. You could be injured by:

  • Slippery surfaces or spills that are not properly cleaned or marked;
  • Broken railings on balconies and staircases;
  • Improperly maintained swimming pools;
  • Loose wiring;
  • A dog bite or animal attack;
  • Unsecured carpeting, rugs, mats, or other flooring;
  • Debris cluttering up aisles;
  • Inventory or other items improperly stored and falling from shelves; and,
  • Many other dangerous conditions that present a risk of harm.

Premises Liability Verdicts & Settlements

$2,250,000 – Wrongful Death Trucking Accident

A young man’s tanker truck caught fire and exploded while working on a job site, causing serious burns that were ultimately fatal. Suit was brought against the site operator and trucking company, resulting in a settlement in the amount of $2,250,000. After fees and expenses, the victim’s family recovered $1,176,495.

$225,000 – Slip and Fall Judgment After Trial Against Home Builder 

An elderly lady was walking her dog in her neighborhood one morning when she fell because a neighbor’s home builder had removed the sidewalk and failed to mark or provide warning of its removal. Our client suffered an injury to her shoulder. The pre-trial offer in the case was $1,000. The jury awarded entered a verdict for our client in the amount of $206,545.75.

Confidential – Wrongful Death Suit Against Property Owner

Wrongful death suit against a property owner in the fatal shooting in a workplace, resulting in a confidential settlement.

Who is a potential party in a premises liability case?

Though premises liability cases often occur because of negligent acts by a property owner, there are many other parties that could potentially be responsible. For instance, you may have a claim against:

  • The landlord of the building;
  • A tenant who leases space;
  • A property management company;
  • An event promoter;
  • The owner of the business;
  • A government entity who owns or leases the space; and,
  • Any other party that has control over the property.

What kinds of compensation can I recover?

The details will vary based upon the nature and severity of your injuries, but you may be entitled to recover monetary damages for such losses as:

  • Medical bills;
  • Lost wages;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Emotional distress; and,
  • Scarring and disfigurement.

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Recent Verdicts & Settlements

With over twenty million dollars recovered for clients, you can trust our experience and proven track record to get you the maximum possible recovery.

  • $2,250,000: Wrongful Death
  • $1,970,000: Vehicle Collision
  • $1,250,000: Car Accident
  • $1,050,000: Truck Collision
  • $1,000,000: Truck Accident
  • $900,000: Vehicle Collision
  • $775,839: Commercial Litigation
  • $600,000: Wrongful Death
  • $565,000: Vehicle Collision
  • $425,000: Product Liability
  • $329,000: Commercial Litigation
  • $206,545: Premises Liability
  • $87,300: Arbitration Verdict