Choosing the Right Car Accident Lawyer

April 2, 2023 | By Francis Firm Injury Attorneys
Choosing the Right Car Accident Lawyer

If you've been involved in a car accident in Texas, you probably have a lot of questions. Who will pay for my medical care? What happens to my vehicle after a crash? How do I prove fault? Can I trust insurance companies? Do I need a lawyer? How do I find the right car accident lawyer for my situation?

An experienced car accident lawyer can be an invaluable resource after a car crash in Texas — you already know this. In fact, you've thought about this carefully and understand that the attorney you choose can make a difference between a losing and a winning outcome. The big problem is there are lots of choices available. So, the question remains, how do you find the right one?

To find the right car accident lawyer in Texas for your situation, be ready to do some comparison shopping. In simple terms, take the time to find two or more candidates and reach out to each for brief interviews. If you do your homework right, you'll hire a lawyer with the skills, experience, and knowledge to handle your car accident case.

How To Find The Right Texas Car Accident Lawyer For You?

You can find information about car accident attorneys near you from legal directories, law firm websites, and the State Bar of Texas Directory. Still, you'll find many options in your area, and it can be daunting to weed through them.

By looking for the right credentials and asking the right questions, you can narrow down the candidates to one that is right for you. Here are some crucial questions we’ve put together that can help in finding the right car accident lawyer:

What Is Their Experience With Similar Cases?

A lawyer's expertise, prior experience, and previous case results are essential. Different practice areas have nuances that make them unique. Some attorneys practice many areas of the law. Some handle family law, while others specialize in workers' compensation cases.

After suffering injuries in a car accident, look for an attorney who usually works on car accident cases and has experience taking injury cases all the way to trial and winning. Of course, with many years of experience, the attorney should have a winning track record of recovering appropriate settlements and judgments.

An experienced car accident lawyer has:

  • Knowledge of Texas injury laws, including statutes of limitations
  • Connections with experts such as medical experts and car accident reconstruction experts
  • Negotiation skills to deal with auto insurance companies
  • Knowledge of car accident injuries and how they happen

What Do Previous Clients Say?

You want to have confidence in your attorney's knowledge and skills. An excellent way to learn about an attorney's competence, communication skills, and dedication to their clients is through the reviews of former clients.

Most lawyers publish client testimonials on their websites. Check these out. If you are wavering, research online or ask them to provide references and find out what former clients have to say about them. A good lawyer will be willing to put you in touch with former clients whose car accident cases were similar to yours.

How Comfortable Are You With the Attorney?

This can be a big one. Your Texas car accident lawyer will be helping you solve your problems, so another qualification to look out for is how comfortable you are with them.

Do you honestly feel comfortable discussing all the facts of your case with the lawyer? Is the feeling mutual? Does the attorney listen to your concerns and questions and address them clearly?

It's crucial for you to have a good working relationship with the lawyer you choose. You might not always like your lawyer's answers, but their dedication, honesty, and objectivity can make a difference in getting the most out of your claim. Ultimately, pick a lawyer who you can work with as a team.

How Well Does The Lawyer Communicate?

It's an attorney's job to communicate effectively. They must stay in touch throughout the process and be able to explain your legal options and advise you accordingly in a way that you can understand.

Additionally, they must negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf and advocate for you to recover the maximum settlement possible. If the case goes to trial, they must present evidence and convince the jury to award damages.

Make sure you choose a lawyer who communicates well, is always available to pick up your calls, and is someone you can picture fighting for you before a judge or jury.

What Does the Law Firm's Support Look Like?

A car accident case has many moving parts and strict deadlines that must be met. You need a car accident lawyer who works for a law firm with the resources to handle your case.

Check out the entire staff to make sure your lawyer has a team to look into the crash, keep your file organized, respond quickly to court orders, and deal with problems as they come up.

Keep in mind that car accident cases can be nerve-racking, so you should deal with an attorney with a supportive staff that keeps time when meeting with you, gives you regular updates, and does not leave you feeling isolated.

What Are Their Fees?

Car accident lawyers charge attorney fees for legal services. The good news is that most car accident attorneys in Texas work on contingency, which means they only get paid after you get paid. Their cut is usually a % of the settlement recovered. Please read the fine print in the lawyer's fee agreement so it's clear what you are responsible for.

Speak With A Texas Car Accident Attorney Near You

Don't pursue a car accident case on your own in Texas. You will be doing yourself a disservice. Opposing counsel and insurance adjusters are trained professionals who will eat you alive. You will need to find a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer to protect your rights and aggressively seek the fair compensation you deserve.

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