How Much Will Hiring an Injury Attorney Cost Me?

July 17, 2019 | By Francis Firm Injury Attorneys
How Much Will Hiring an Injury Attorney Cost Me?

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

Hiring an attorney after suffering a serious personal injury is one of the best decisions an individual can make - working with a skilled attorney almost always improves the outcome of a case.

However, even if you think that working with an attorney will prove advantageous, you may be hesitant to hire a lawyer if you are unsure the cost of hiring a lawyer.

How much does a personal injury lawyer cost? Consider the following about typical attorney fees for personal injury claims--

Personal Injury Attorney Fee - How Does an Attorney Charge?

The good news when you hire a personal injury attorney--in addition to the fact that you will likely recover more than you would otherwise--is that most personal injury lawyers do not charge hourly fees; instead, they work on a contingency fee arrangement.

A contingency fee arrangement refers to an agreement between the lawyer and the client that states that the lawyer will not get paid unless the client recovers a settlement (i.e. the attorney’s fee is contingent on the outcome of the case). This means that a client should not have any out-of-pocket fees or expenses, but will only pay their lawyer from their settlement amount. This is generally set up as a contingency fee percentage of the settlement amount. Your lawyer can explain the details of the contingency fee percentages before filing your personal injury claim.

If the attorney is unable to obtain compensation for the client, the client will not owe the lawyer anything.

What About the Litigation Costs?

In addition to the time and effort, an attorney representing a client under a contingency fee agreement should also be prepared to pay the expenses necessary to prepare a personal injury case. Prior to suit, these expenses may include everything from postage, to the cost of a police report, to the cost of very expensive accident reconstruction experts or other expert witness fees. If a case goes into litigation, these expenses become much more significant and include filing fees, service fees, deposition fees, mediation fees and many other costs.

In most cases, quality personal injury lawyers also make these fees and costs part of the contingency fee client representation agreement. This means that the attorney accepts the risk of being able to settle your case and will only recover these expenses if the attorney can obtain compensation for the client. If the attorney is unable to recover for the client, the client will also never owe anything to the attorney for fees and expenses. This should be outlined clearly in your personal injury law firm contingency fee agreements.

The Francis Firm, for instance, is prepared to pay expenses necessary to bring claims, even if those expenses total tens of thousands of dollars or more. Not many firms have the staff and financial resources to handle major, complex claims. Be sure you are hiring the right firm for your claim and that the lawyers you hire are prepared and capable of handling all the work and expenses your claim might require.

Meet with a Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Free Consultation

Suffering a serious injury can be a shocking experience, and one that uproots your life. When you need help recovering compensation for your harm, working with a personal injury attorney can provide comfort and peace of mind.

The best way to find out everything you need to know about working with an attorney, including typical attorney fees for personal injury cases, is to schedule a free consultation with a Texas personal injury lawyer near you. If the contingency fee structure sounds unreasonable or if you are asked to pay any upfront fees, hourly fees, or a retainer fee, you should consider finding an attorney who will work on a contingency fee basis and who will cover upfront expenses on your behalf.

To schedule your consultation with the Francis Firm, please call our law office at (817) 329-9001 or send us a message telling us more about your claim. We will work hard for you, and always charge fairly.