Should I Give the Trucking Company’s Insurance Adjuster a Statement?

November 8, 2022 | By Francis Firm Injury Attorneys
Should I Give the Trucking Company’s Insurance Adjuster a Statement?

As truck accident lawyers in Dallas, one of the most common questions injured victims ask is: “Should I give a statement to the other insurance company?” Victims involved in truck wrecks often have many pressing issues to deal with that taking time to find out how to deal with claims adjusters is usually impractical and sometimes impossible. Injured victims who have issues with giving written or recorded statements to insurance carriers may also be simultaneously handling vehicle repairs, contacting car rental companies in Texas, coping with painful injuries, and requesting time off work to rest and fully recover.

Despite the uncertainty that many victims face when dealing with insurance providers, the conversation you have with an insurance adjuster after a truck collision may make or break your Dallas personal injury claim. Before answering any questions or agreeing to any proposition, it’s crucial to consider seeking legal counsel from an experienced truck accident lawyer in Texas.

Remember, every truck accident claim is different. Enlisting the services of a reputable truck accident law firm, like The Francis Firm, is recommended if you don’t want insurance companies to take advantage of your situation.

So is it advisable to give an insurance representative a written or recorded statement regarding the truck accident? Although this may sound like a reasonable request, be wary about agreeing to provide such a statement after an accident.

Providing a statement may speed up the company’s investigation and expedite the settlement process. However, it’s important to note that victims of truck accidents are NOT legally required to offer statements to insurance companies. Remember, an insurance firm may use your statement to limit or deny your Dallas or Fort Worth truck accident claim.

Here’s why you should be careful about giving the trucking company’s insurance adjuster a recorded statement.

Insurance Adjusters Are Always Looking for Inconsistencies

After a truck accident, you may discuss your crash with the police, your doctor, or even witnesses. If you agree to give a statement to an insurance company, the claims adjuster may compare your answers while resolving your injury claim to see if there are any inconsistencies in your account of events.

If there are any inconsistencies, the adjuster may use such information to limit or deny your truck accident claim. In addition, inconsistencies in your version of events also make you seem less credible as a witness — damaging your injury claim.

Insurance Adjusters Aren't Your Friends

Regardless of how friendly or concerned insurance adjusters may seem, always remember that the primary goal of insurance companies is to make money. They don’t exist to protect your best interests. In fact, their business model is designed to pay policyholders as little as possible — or nothing at all — for them to increase their profit margins.

If an insurance company limits a payout or denies a Dallas truck accident claim, it’s a win for them. It serves their best interests when you provide a statement that jeopardizes or weakens your personal injury case and reduces their liability.

Insurance Adjusters May Try to Trick You

The personal demeanor of a claims adjuster can vary tremendously from one adjuster to the next. Some are warm and polite while others may be cold and dismissive. Regardless of how they sound, claims adjusters never have your best interests at heart.

An insurance adjuster may try to solicit comments that may affect your truck accident claim. This makes it risky to speak to insurance representatives if you aren’t properly prepared. An insurance adjuster may even use vague answers such as “maybe” or “I don’t know” to hurt your truck accident claim.

If you decide to give a statement to an insurance adjuster, be extremely careful. Only do this when you are awake, alert, and prepared. Never speak to an adjuster when you are:

  • In pain
  • Sleepy or drowsy
  • Unprepared
  • Angry, upset, or frustrated
  • Experiencing side effects of medications

Insurance Adjusters May Try To Deny Your Injuries

Some injuries following a truck accident in Dallas or Fort Worth may become apparent several days or weeks after the collision. The trucking company’s insurance adjuster may urge you to make a statement regarding the accident within 24 hours of the crash.

Insurance adjusters use this tactic since they know some injuries may not have fully manifested. They may engage you in small talk and ask questions like, “How are you today?” to trap you into saying, “I’m fine” or “It’s not too bad.” They’ll use such statements to argue that you weren’t severely hurt during the accident.

If you’ve sustained injuries after an accident, make sure you seek immediate medical care and keep a record of your injuries and treatments. At The Francis Firm, our attorneys can help you get the best medical care after an accident. This will boost your personal injury and help you fully recover following a crash.

What To Do if an Insurance Adjuster Asks You To Give a Recorded Statement

After a truck accident in Texas, you’ll likely receive a call from the insurance company. If this happens and the adjuster asks for a statement, inform them that you plan to retain a truck wreck lawyer in Dallas before making any decisions. You should also inform the insurance adjuster that your attorney will be handling all your communications and negotiations.

Working with an experienced truck accident lawyer near Dallas ensures you don’t hurt your claim by making unwise statements. A lawyer will ensure you don’t get into great detail about your injuries when speaking to a claims adjuster. They’ll also advise you against accepting the very first offer from the insurance company.

What Happens if You've Already Given a Recorded Statement?

If you’ve given the insurance representative your statement, you haven’t ruined your case. If you find yourself in this scenario, you need to hire a reliable truck accident lawyer from Dallas to obtain a copy of your statement and minimize any damage that your record statement risks causing to your personal injury claim.

After a truck accident in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, the last thing you want to do is battle the trucking company’s insurer on your own. Remember, the insurance company has in-house defense lawyers, investigators, and claims adjusters who are looking for ways to limit liability.

Going up against powerful and well-funded firms means having to conduct a comprehensive and conclusive investigation into the crash with your best interests in mind. That’s where The Francis Firm comes in.

At The Francis Firm, we believe that injury victims — like you or your loved one — shouldn’t have to pay for anything when they sustain injuries due to the negligence of a trucker, the trucking company, parts manufacturers, or any other third-party responsible for the accident. Whatever the situation or circumstances surrounding your Texas truck accident, our reputable truck accident law firm in Texas is here to hold at-fault parties accountable for their negligent acts. Contact us today if you are wondering, ”Should I give a statement to the other insurance company?” Let our legal team handle talks on your behalf with insurance adjusters. Schedule your free consultation now.