Texas Auto Accident Settlement Amounts | How Much Will I Get?

March 3, 2020 | By Francis Firm Injury Attorneys
Texas Auto Accident Settlement Amounts | How Much Will I Get?
Texas Auto Accident Settlement Amounts

Did you or a loved get in a car accident in Texas? Did you or someone you love suffer injuries as a result?

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When you experience a personal injury or wrongful death in an auto accident, you may be able to sue for damages. Of course, no amount of money can take away the trauma of the accident or a loss that you experienced. However, financial compensation can help you pay medical bills and make ends meet while you recover from an accident.

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Keep reading for more information on how we help clients recover auto accident settlements.

How Are Auto Accident Lawsuit Settlement Amounts Calculated in Texas?

Car accident settlement amounts range from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars, depending on the specifics of your accident and injuries.

The physical and emotional harm that results from an auto accident is known in the legal world as “damages.”

In Texas, victims of car accidents caused by negligence can sue for three types of damages.

Economic Damages

These damages reflect the financial expenses caused by the accident. Expenses in this category might include medical bills and lost wages or earning capacity.

To calculate economic damages, you should save all bills and receipts related to medical treatment and keep track of any time you miss from work. An experienced car accident attorney can help you add up these economic damages.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are more difficult to calculate. They include intangible harms comprising the emotional damage you suffered from the accident. These damages cover pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of companionship.

Non-economic damages might include conditions like insomnia, anxiety, or depression. These damages might apply to specific fears related to the accident, like a fear of driving or fear of leaving your house.

Our personal injury attorneys are experienced at calculating non-economic damages and can help you recover fair compensation for all you’ve suffered.

Punitive Damages

You may also be entitled to an award for punitive damages if the defendant’s conduct was particularly offensive.

Drunk drivers, texting drivers or unlicensed drivers are examples of claims with conduct that might be sufficient for punitive damages recovery. These damages are designed to punish the behavior and to deter others from committing such actions.

Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

You may consider taking on a big insurance company by yourself, advocating for the money you’re owed. If your case involved injuries requiring anything more than a basic check-up, that is typically a mistake.

Here are the main ways a skilled car accident lawyer can improve your chances of getting a maximum settlement.

Financial Resources

An experienced car accident attorney has the resources to finance your case. At The Francis Firm, we work on contingency, meaning that you owe us nothing up front. In fact, you owe nothing until and only if we secure a satisfactory settlement or win your case.

This contingency arrangement means that we finance your entire lawsuit: hiring investigators, compensating expert witnesses, and paying for any other costs necessary to get a maximum settlement for you.

Imagine how much of a financial burden this might pose for you to finance on your own. Instead, you can focus on healing while we focus on winning your case.

We know Texas personal injury law.

The Francis Firm has more than 25 years of experience representing clients in personal injury cases. Furthermore, Michael Francis is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. 

Only 2% of the lawyers in the state of Texas obtain this certification.  It’s challenging to learn all the nuances of Texas personal injury law on your own. Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney ensures to obtain the maximum possible settlement amounts.

Industry Connections

Insurance companies do not evaluate claims based upon value, but instead based upon risk.  Their experienced adjusters know an unrepresented victim cannot take them to court, which is why people without attorneys do not receive fair settlement offers from insurance companies.

Furthermore, these adjusters are experienced claim professionals that use their training and expertise to develop defenses and obtain information from injured victims with the intention to use that information against them, even if they later hire an attorney.

It can be also intimidating for someone that has never been through the claim process to negotiate with big insurance companies, but they don’t scare us. We know the players in the insurance world, and we routinely beat them at their own game.

Plus, our track record of trial success ensures these insurance adjusters do not want to test us.  We’ve successfully litigated personal injury cases for millions of dollars. We are committed to achieving a successful award for you at the negotiating table or in the courtroom, whatever it takes.

Examples from Our Results

As one of the premier personal injury firms in the DFW metroplex, we achieve large settlements for Texans who have been harmed by negligence.

Here are a few successful cases we have recently handled:

  • $2.25 million wrongful death settlement for a tanker truck explosion that killed an employee;
  • $1.9 million settlement for a drunk driving accident that resulted in a brain injury;
  • $1.2 million settlement for a truck accident collision; and
  • $1 million truck collision settlement, obtained less than 75 days from the accident.

Every case is different, so we can’t predict how much settlement compensation we might obtain for you. To give an honest answer about your potential accident settlement amount, we need to review your case.

Texas Auto Accident Statistics

Texas boasts a landscape as beautiful and diverse as its population, and millions of drivers enjoy the state’s scenic roadways each year. In fact, Texas drivers exceeded 282 billion total miles driven in 2018.

Unfortunately, all those miles on the road sometimes result in auto accidents. Texas drivers experience an alarming number of accidents each year.

These 2018 statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation show the widespread impact of Texas auto accidents:

  • There were over 12,000 serious injury crashes on Texas roadways;
  • Traffic crashes in rural areas accounted for 54% of Texas fatal car accidents;
  • A car crash occurred on Texas roadways every 58 seconds;
  • A quarter of a million people were injured in Texas motor vehicle crashes;
  • Drunk driving accidents killed 940 people; and
  • Distracted driving led to the deaths of 398 people.

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