The Top Injuries Resulting from Car Accidents

October 12, 2022 | By Francis Firm Injury Attorneys
The Top Injuries Resulting from Car Accidents

Americans spend more than one million days per year in the hospital for car accident injuries. This results in billions in medical bills and lost work time. If you were in a car accident recently, you know how terrifying it can be, especially if you have severe injuries.

Here we’ll review the most common car accident injuries, so you know what to look for after a car accident. Then, speak to The Francis Firm if you have questions about your case or wish to file a claim.

Strains And Sprains

Sprains and strains are types of soft tissue injuries common after car crashes. Accident victims may suffer from strained and sprained ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Common problem areas are the neck, back, shoulder, groin, and thigh.

Soft tissue injuries can mask other more serious issues, so go to the ER after the accident to be checked out.

Bruising And Contusions

Even a minor car crash can cause bruises. For example, the collision may slam you into the seatbelt. While the belt protects from a major injury, it still can leave bruises on the chest and torso for days. Some accident victims also have bruises on their arms. Fortunately, most bruises will heal on their own after a few weeks. However, the pain and discomfort of being bruised after an accident could still be a reason to file a claim against the other driver.

Broken Bones

Many fractures and broken bones happen in serious car crashes. However, the injury may be undetectable in the minutes or hours after the accident. Bruised and broken ribs from seatbelts are a common problem. In addition, many accident victims often suffer broken arms, hands, fingers, collar bones, hips, legs, and feet.

Types of fractures that happen in car accidents are:

  • Stress fracture. Hairline crack of the bone
  • Open fracture. Bone pokes through the skin
  • Closed fracture. Bone breaks beneath the skin
  • Displaced fracture. Bone shatters in several pieces and shifts
  • Non-displaced fracture. Bone shatters but stays in place

Broken bones are easily seen on x-rays, and insurance companies are usually more open to offering fair settlements for such apparent injuries. However, the insurance adjuster may doubt your whiplash claims. Those injuries cannot be viewed on diagnostic scams.

Traumatic Brain Injury

If your head slams into part of the car hard, there could be a traumatic brain injury (TBI). This severe injury may alter how your brain functions and deals with emotions. Many people can essentially recover from TBIs, but you may need compensation for a long recovery.


The massive forces in a severe car crash can force your body to move suddenly in ways it was not designed for. When you have pain and immobility in the neck after an accident, it’s probably whiplash.

These neck strains can be extremely painful. While most whiplash heals eventually, you still should consider filing a lawsuit to seek damages for pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost earnings.


When your body endures extreme stress or violence, it can develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Some of the symptoms of PTSD after a car crash are:

  • Being scared of driving or being around cars
  • Fear of loud noises or images related to the accident
  • Sleeping issues because of nightmares and anxiety

PTSD can be treated, so talk to your medical professional if you have these symptoms. In addition, a Dallas car accident attorney may be able to obtain compensation for you for mental and emotional anguish.

Internal Bleeding

Our internal organs are delicate. A violent car crash can damage tissue and cause internal bleeding. If you feel ok, internal bleeding can be slow. The consequences of ignoring internal bleeding from a car accident can be fatal.


You may slam your head on the steering wheel, dashboard, or window during a car crash. Even a relatively minor collision can cause head trauma and a concussion.

Take note after an accident if you have a fuzzy memory, coordination problems, head pain, or headache. Be seen by a medical professional right away. Even a ‘minor’ concussion can require months of recovery.

Why Get A Car Accident Attorney For Injuries

An underappreciated aspect of personal injury law is your attorney may get medical care for your injuries without upfront costs. Locating affordable, high-quality care can be challenging when seriously hurt from a car accident. Many doctors don’t want to treat car accident victims because they are leery of lawsuits and payment delays.

An experienced car accident lawyer is connected to medical professionals who can offer you the necessary care. However, they will usually wait for your accident settlement or award to be paid.

Injured In A Car Accident? Contact A Personal Injury Attorney Now

If you are hurt in a Dallas, Fort Worth, or Southlake car accident, you could face months of recovery. How will you pay your bills? Who will treat your injuries? With the help of a car accident attorney, you may receive compensation for your losses for common car accident injuries. Contact one of our car accident lawyers today for a free consultation.

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