Truck Accident: What to Do Next?

October 19, 2022 | By Francis Firm Injury Attorneys
Truck Accident: What to Do Next?

Car accidents happen in Texas daily. When there is a tractor-trailer accident, however, injuries and damages may be much worse. A commercial truck may weigh 20 times what a passenger vehicle does. If that truck hits your car, you could have broken bones, head trauma, spinal injuries, and more.

After a trucking accident, there are several critical actions to take, which are detailed below. If you have questions about a recent truck accident, contact The Francis Firm. Their truck crash attorneys can assist with filing a claim or personal injury lawsuit.

Take a Breath and Stay Calm

If you ask ‘what should I do after a trucking accident,’ the first step is to remain calm. A tractor-trailer slamming into your vehicle is a terrifying event. The violence of the collision, shattered glass, pain, and disorientation can overwhelm you. But it is vital to take a breath and stay calm.

The calmer you are, the better your response to the accident. Don’t risk your safety by doing something rash, such as stepping out of the damaged vehicle into traffic. That would just make a terrible situation worse.

Once you are calm, check yourself and your passengers for injuries and call first responders.

Call 911

After any truck crash, call 911 right away. Almost every trucking accident is serious, so you want the police and ambulance on the scene fast. The ambulance will treat anyone in a medical emergency, including those injured in your vehicle or someone else’s

Calling law enforcement is also essential. The police will collect evidence to prove who is liable for the accident. Also, they will preserve evidence that could be critical for your accident claim. Evidence can sometimes go missing after a car accident. If that happens, it may be more difficult to prove liability.

Get Medical Treatment

Whether you think you’re ‘fine’ or not, always go to the emergency room for medical care after a truck accident. Adrenaline will rush through your veins, and you may be unaware of a severe injury. For instance, many truck crash victims have whiplash and back injuries but don’t realize it at first. It may take a few hours or days to notice your injuries' pain and discomfort. The long-term effects of whiplash can be severe.

You should seek medical care immediately after an accident. First, the doctor will check your condition and note any injuries. Then, if you’re hurt, there will be ample documentation to prove your injuries to the insurance company. The insurer will check if you saw a doctor after the accident. They will probably argue you were not seriously injured if you wait a few days.

Gather Evidence

If you are not seriously injured, collect the evidence you can at the accident scene. Gathering evidence immediately will prevent it from disappearing after the truck crash. If you cannot collect evidence, ask a passenger or witness to do it for you.

Take photos of the truck crash scene, skid marks, injuries, and closeups of vehicle damages. When the police arrive, they will move the vehicles, so it helps to have excellent photos of the accident from the start. Your trucking accident attorney will ask you for evidence you collected after the crash.

Obtain Witness Statements and Contact Information

You may be seriously injured after a truck accident. Your vehicle could be totaled. With so much at stake, you will need eyewitness testimony to prove your case to the insurance company.

If you can, talk to anyone who saw the truck crash and gather their contact information. Also, ask if they will remain at the scene to provide a statement to law enforcement. Witness testimony is usually a critical piece of evidence for obtaining a fair personal injury settlement.

Get Employment Proof from the Trucker

Trucking companies are liable if their employees injure people in accidents. You may obtain compensation from the employer. Trucking companies are required by state and federal law to carry large commercial insurance policies.

If the truck driver was not working at the time of the accident or was a contractor, the case could be more complicated. Therefore, your attorney also will determine the trucker’s employee status when the accident happened.

Decide to Settle or Sue

Most trucking accidents in Dallas and Fort Worth are settled out of court. One reason is that injured parties would rather get money for their damages quicker than others. In addition, trucking companies know a jury could decide to award you more if there is a trial. Therefore, it is often best for both sides to come to a financial settlement.

However, if the insurance company won’t give you a fair settlement, you and your attorney may need to decide to go to court. Your truck accident attorney will review your legal options with you.

How a Trucking Crash Attorney Helps with Medical Care

Most people know a personal injury attorney may be able to assist after a trucking accident. They can, for example, obtain compensation for medical bills and lost wages. But did you know the attorney can help get the medical care you need?

Here’s a frequent problem with personal injury victims: Medical providers may be reluctant to treat you. Why? The doctor may need to wait for a settlement to be paid for their work. Everyone wants to be paid quickly for their labor. Medical professionals are no exception.

Fortunately, your Texas truck accident lawyer can access medical professionals who may agree to provide treatment and get paid later. Of course, not every physician will agree to this policy, but your attorney can offer options to receive prompt medical care. This can be a huge relief when you’re disabled with pain and unable to work after a truck crash.

Hurt in a Trucking Accident?

You could be hurt and stressed out if you were injured in a Dallas or Fort Worth trucking accident. But now you should know what to do after a truck accident. Also, a Texas trucking accident attorney can help you file a claim, get you the medical attention you requuire, and receive the compensation you need to recover. Contact the truck crash attorneys at The Francis Firm today.