Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

April 2, 2023 | By Francis Firm Injury Attorneys
Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

Car accidents often happen unexpectedly, sometimes leaving victims severely hurt and, in extreme cases, causing fatalities. If you’ve been involved in an accident, you know how stressful it can be, and the details quickly fade from memory. That said, the steps you take after the accident can significantly influence whether you can recover damages for your injuries.

After being in a serious car accident, victims need time to recover. Still, insurance representatives may start calling, making the whole process overwhelming. It is easy for victims to make mistakes that may impact their chance of recovering damages.

Talking to a qualified car accident attorney before recounting the events to the insurance companies would be best. An attorney will offer legal guidance to help you avoid the most common mistakes car accident victims make.

Common Mistakes To Avoid in the Aftermath of a Car Accident

Car accidents can be overwhelming, and you can never be prepared enough for the panic that will likely set in when you survive a collision. While it helps to follow road safety and traffic rules, accidents are unpredictable and can happen to anyone, so ensure you are always ready to deal with the aftermath.

Common mistakes to avoid after a car accident include the following:

Apologizing or Admitting Fault to the Other Driver

While saying “sorry” to the other party involved in the accident might seem polite, do not say it. An apology can be interpreted as admitting liability in a car accident, so it is best to let your Texas car accident lawyer establish the liable party. Even if you are certain that you are fully to blame or are partially at fault for the accident, do not admit liability to the other party.

Not Getting Medical Attention

Most victims fail to receive immediate medical attention after a car accident. Even if you have no visible injuries and feel alright after an accident, you must get a complete body checkup to confirm that you have not sustained any internal injuries.

Failure to seek immediate medical attention can harm your health and make it challenging to recover compensation when you file your claim.

Ensure you receive immediate medical attention from a healthcare provider after an accident. The other party can easily argue that your injuries did not result from the car accident if you do not receive immediate medical care, leaving you with no solid proof to counter their argument.

Remember to keep records of your medical treatment since they will be useful when filing your lawsuit.

Not Contacting the Police

Most car accident victims forget to call the police to report the incident. Do not leave the accident scene without calling the police so they can take your statement. When they arrive at the scene, they will typically take statements from the involved parties, carefully inspect the damage, and then file a car accident report, which will be helpful when you file your claim.

The Texas Department of Transportation advises parties involved in accidents to call the police when:

  • Someone is injured or has passed on
  • The cars can’t be moved
  • A driver has no insurance
  • You suspect the other driver is intoxicated
  • A driver flees the accident scene

Failure to Collect Evidence

Another of the most common mistakes victims make after a car accident is failing to gather evidence. After contacting the police, collect as much evidence as possible from the accident scene. Take pictures and videos of the accident scene, vehicle damage, and your injuries, if any.

Ensure you get all witnesses' phone numbers, names, and addresses. Get the other driver’s insurance policy information, contact information, and license number, making it easy to track them down when you file your claim. The evidence you collect at the accident scene is crucial to helping you build a strong case when you file your injury claim.

Accepting the First Settlement Offer

Insurance companies do not like paying victims their full damages, or any damages for that matter. They will attempt to resolve the case by offering you the lowest compensation possible. Most car accident victims accept the first offer presented because they have no experience negotiating with insurance companies and are not aware that there is no cap on damages. This is why hiring a lawyer after a car accident is essential.

An attorney will review your case and negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf, ensuring that you recover the best possible compensation.

Not Hiring a Lawyer

You must hire an experienced lawyer after being in a car accident. A skilled lawyer will offer sound legal counsel, help you navigate the claims process, and ensure you recover maximum damages while receiving proper medical care from a qualified physician. After a car accident, always work with an attorney so they can handle your case while you focus on recuperating.

A qualified attorney helps their client receive appropriate medical care from a skilled physician who can determine the significance of their injuries and whether they will require extensive medical care. If your injuries require comprehensive medical care, an experienced attorney will ensure that you recover maximum damages that will cover all your future medical expenses since you cannot reopen your case. An attorney will also help you file your claim within the two-year statute of limitations.

Talk to an Attorney Today and Avoid Costly Car Accident Claim Mistakes

Dealing with insurance companies after a severe car accident can be draining and frustrating. This is why most victims choose not to pursue a car accident claim to avoid this hassle.

At The Francis Firm, we will help you get the necessary medical care to get back on your feet before we start working on your case. We will negotiate and communicate with the insurance company on your behalf and help you build a strong case that ensures you recover maximum damages.

You do not have to drown in medical expenses resulting from injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. Let our attorneys help you. With offices in Southlake, Fort Worth, and Dallas, The Francis Firm is dedicated to helping car accident victims across Texas with their cases. We have extensive resources and more than 25 years of experience helping our clients secure the settlement they deserve. Call 817-329-9001 to speak with our skilled and compassionate Texas car accident attorneys and or contact us online to schedule a free legal review.