Steps to Take When Filing a Truck Accident Claim

February 16, 2023 | By Francis Firm Injury Attorneys
Steps to Take When Filing a Truck Accident Claim

A truck accident may leave you with significant injuries and financial costs, upending your life unexpectedly. In order to recover compensation from the parties responsible for your accident, there are some important steps to take after a truck accident in order to protect your legal rights.

What Should You Do Immediately After the Accident?

First and foremost, be sure you get to safety and then call the authorities to report the crash, as well as request medical attention. You need to ensure you receive the medical care you need as soon as possible—waiting can mean the difference between healing properly and developing a chronic condition that can stay with you for the rest of your life. Accept the services of emergency medical professionals, and go to the hospital or at least get checked out for any potential injuries, even if at first thought you feel fine.

If possible, speak with any witnesses at the scene of the accident. Obtain their contact information, and if you can, also take down their statements of what happened. Make sure you get contact information for the truck driver, the trucking company they work for, and any other parties who might be responsible, such as any cargo-loading companies or shipping companies involved. Document the scene by taking photographs of your injuries, damage to any vehicles, and the road conditions, and if you are able, write down your own account of what happened as soon as you can after the crash.

In the days after a truck accident, you should continue to seek out the medical care you need. In some cases, a truck accident causes injuries that are not readily ascertainable right after the accident and may take a while to manifest, so it’s important to continue getting medical treatment and evaluation by professionals.

You should also be sure to keep meticulous records of any reports, correspondence, or other documentation that you send or receive regarding the accident or your injuries. Save any bills or invoices that you receive, whether it be mechanic’s bills that show the repairs to your vehicle or doctor’s bills for your medical treatments. You will need to document the full value of your damages, and these invoices can be very helpful in that regard. Also helpful is keeping a daily journal of your pain, symptoms, and the way you are feeling—that journal can go a long way towards proving such damages as pain and suffering and the general decline in your quality of life.

Contact an experienced truck accident lawyer for help, so that you can discuss your legal rights, options, and potential next steps. Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible, and work with your lawyer to file a claim. Lean on your attorney to communicate with the other party and with any insurers involved, and never make a statement to any insurance company representatives without first discussing it with your attorney. Also, work with your attorney to ensure your claim is filed in the correct court if needed, and before the appropriate statute of limitations runs out.

A knowledgeable lawyer like Michael Francis can help you investigate the facts of your claim and preserve important evidence in your case. They will provide you with valuable legal advice and go over your options and potential next steps in your case. They will also negotiate and communicate with the other party and their insurance company so that you can seek a fair and reasonable settlement. If settlement negotiations fail, your attorney will file a claim in court. Since truck accidents always have complex issues of liability and often involve multiple parties, the help of a legal professional can make or break a claim.

How Can The Francis Firm Help with Your Truck Accident Claim?

If your truck accident was the result of another party’s negligence or other wrongdoing, under personal injury law, you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries you have suffered — having a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer by your side can make all the difference. Our experienced personal injury lawyers will inform you of your legal rights and options, and we will work with you to make sure you receive the medical care you need. We will focus on negotiating with the parties responsible, and their insurance companies, so that you can focus on your recovery. If the insurance company refuses to offer full value in settlement, our trial-tested Texas personal injury lawyers are always ready to take them to court. Please reach out to us today for a free, no-obligation initial legal consultation online or by calling 817-617-8639. With our office in Southlake, we serve communities throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Tarrant County, Dallas County, and other communities in Texas.